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Brigadoon Software – Laptop, cell phone, iPod thefts spike during midterm week

The chaos of completing schoolwork usually means students are thinking of anything but protecting their possessions, but the busiest times of the semester are when they’re most vulnerable. The LSU Police Department and Middleton Library officials have put students on alert after a number of laptop thefts on campus following midterm week. According to LSUPD spokesman Capt. Cory Lalonde, students need to be most careful to avoid theft when they study in public and are most absent-minded. “These types of crimes happen the most often during heavy study times like during midterms and final exams,” Lalonde said. “We get reports at various times throughout the semester, but at these times, personal theft is most common.” Shayne Bertrand, circulation desk manager at Middleton Library, agreed, saying this semester’s midterm week was particularly crime-stricken. “Three laptops were taken on the same day,” Bertrand said. Read the whole story here:

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