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Brigadoon Software – Does your computer theft recovery software contain spyware?

A federal cyber-spying lawsuit against a North East software developer has been placed on hold because the company, DesignerWare LLC, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Brian M. Mancos, lawyer for DesignerWare, recently filed notice of the bankruptcy in U.S. District Court in Erie. Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows the party to reorganize to pay its debts. The filing puts to a halt, at least temporarily, a lawsuit a Wyoming couple filed against DesignerWare in May. The couple, Crystal and Brian Byrd, claim DesignerWare’s software, PC Rental Agent, was installed on a computer they bought at an Aaron’s Rental Store in Casper, Wyo., and then used to spy on Brian Byrd as he played online poker. PC Rental Agent was marketed to help rental stores track down stolen computer equipment. Read the whole story here:

Comment:  Buyers need to beware when buying computer theft and recovery software to make sure it doesn’t contain spyware that monitors your keystrokes and spys on you using your own built-in camera or takes pictures of your desktop. Recent court decisions in the USA have ruled that this is illegeal eavedropping and in violation of US Code… a FEDERAL CRIME… It could also make you liable to invasion of privacy lawsuits as some school systems have recently found out…

PC PhoneHome and MacPhoneHome DO NOT contain spyware… They were created and Made in the USA by American programmers. You can download a copy right now from:

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