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Reseller Opportunities

We are expanding worldwide and seek qualified individuals and companies to represent our products both domestically and internationally. We would be pleased to entertain the possibility of forming a strategic alliance with your company.

We have created several NEW "Reseller Packages" that allow you flexibility
in bringing our products on-board and expanding your client base.

* SIMPLE RESELLER - Allows small resellers to sell directly to end users
and earn cash per sale. Minimum order of 100 licenses is required.

* BUNDLE LICENSE - The bundle license is for computer hardware and software resellers and allows them to distribute PC PhoneHome™ and/or MacPhoneHome™ for FREE to their customers as a value add-on incentive with any goods your customer might purchase from you.

* DISTRIBUTOR LICENSE - Allows volume resellers to sell directly to end users and setup their own reseller network in their region.

* MASTER GEOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT - This license is for EXCLUSIVITY outside the USA in a foreign country or region.

PC PhoneHome™, MacPhoneHome™ and CopyAlert™ are MADE IN THE USA by American programmers!

Thank you for your interest in Brigadoon Software's Reseller Program. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you with further information about the benefits of joining our program.

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