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Welcome to the PC PhoneHome" Web Partner Toolbox

The PC PhoneHome" Web Partner Toolbox provides the tools and information necessary to make selling PC PhoneHome" from your Web site easier and more financially successful.

Its News, Banner Ads and Web Art sections are updated regularly. Check back for additions or email us with your needs at .

Suggested sales text, web site graphics and ad banners are found below. As a PC PhoneHome" Web Partner, you are welcome to use any of the product information text and press releases contained on this website. You may also use any of the approved graphics provided below.

(Note: You may NOT replicate or reproduce the appearance of this website using graphics other than the images provided below. Only registered and approved PC PhoneHome" Web Partners are granted the right to download and use authorized images provided on this page. For more information about registering as a PC PhoneHome" Web Partner, please visit the online Web Partner Sign-Up page.

Banners & Text Link

In order to reap maximum benefits from being a PC PhoneHome" Web Partner you should always prominently display a PC PhoneHome" banner on your home page. If space is restricted on your home page, a text link supported with good ad copy can work just as well. We have provided several examples below from which you can choose.

How To Change Your Displayed Banner

Your HTML affiliate code refers to a banner in our banner database.

Changing your banner to another style of banner is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Determine which banner you like from the choices below and jot down its name. For example "pcphonehome5.gif"
  2. Now Edit Your Affiliate Record by logging into your Web Partner page and entering your affiliate ID# and password.
  3. Once you are logged in, scroll down to your personal information until you see the banner file listed for your account.
  4. Delete the present file name in the banner box, then type the new banner file name in its place.
  5. Click on the "Update My Affiliate Record" button and the banner being displayed on your site will be replaced with the newly selected banner.

Note: You may have to REFRESH or RELOAD your web page several times in your web browser to see the change take effect.

     pcphonehome7.gif                                        pcphonehome6.gif

     pcphonehome5.gif                                        pcphonehome4.gif




Text Link:

Your affiliate ID# can be recorded even with a text link. When a visitor clicks on your text link, your unique affiliate ID gets set as a cookie on the visitor's computer. Just like the banner ID code, your unique ID# is retrieved at the time of purchase, and the sale is credited to your account.

Here is an example of a text link that you can copy and paste into your web page. Remember to change the "YOUR-ID-NUMBER" with your affiliate ID number.

Protect your computer from theft with PC PhoneHome!

Suggested Product Text

PC PhoneHome" recommends the following product descriptions for use on your registered PC PhoneHome" Web Partner Web Site:

Windows SHORT Version:

NEW! - PC PhoneHome" for Windows

Now available in an Enterprise Version! PC PhoneHome" Pro is now available in the Enterprise Version that allows an organization to administer and monitor the location of their computers from a centralized location! PC PhoneHome" Enterprise Version is perfect for schools, businesses or governmental use, and offers the same professional grade security as PC PhoneHome" Pro. For more information, click here.

Mac SHORT Version:

NEW! - PC PhoneHome" for Macintosh

Now available for OS X! PC PhoneHome" has now been built from the ground up for Macintosh. PC PhoneHome" for Macintosh is now available for the revolutionary OS X as well as OS 8.6-9.x operating systems. Click here to learn more about the largest-selling theft recovery software for Macintosh in the world! For more information, click here.

Windows LONG Version:

PC PhoneHome" for Windows

PC PhoneHome Pro" is a revolutionary software program that tracks the location of a computer via the Internet by stealth anywhere in the world. It was created to facilitate the retrieval of lost and stolen computers because of the meteoric rise in computer theft.

Computer Theft a Major Problem

According to the Computer Security Institute and the FBI over 756,000 computers have been stolen in the USA in the last two years. "The FBI reports only 3% of those lost or stolen computers will EVER be recovered. You don't have to be a victim. PC PhoneHome" can track and locate any computer with a Windows operating system anywhere in the world. And now with PC PhoneHome Pro" you can still be protected even if the bad guys try to wipe the harddrive."

How PC PhoneHome TM works:

PC PhoneHome" is incredibly easy to use. The customer installs PC PPhoneHome" on their computer. Then, if your computer is lost or stolen, PC PhoneHome" sends a stealth signal containing its exact coordinates to a pre-determined e-mail address set by the customer. The customer then notifies local Police of computer's location. The local police can then recover customer's stolen property.

PC PhoneHome Pro" Highly Resistant to Removal by Reformatting The Computers' Harddrive:

With the computer properly configured, PC PhoneHome Pro" is capable of surviving a thief's attempt to "clean" the computer harddrive and wipe safety or security software by reformatting the harddrive using the "format" or "fdisk" commands. PC PhoneHome" will stay resident and continue to "PhoneHome" the next time the computer makes an Internet connection.

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