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The international security software market will top $7.4 billion dollars in sales in the year 2002 according to a recent survey conducted by International Data Corp. of Framingham, Mass.

Brigadoon Software, Inc. is committed to developing strong partnerships with technology leaders, security experts, and value-added resellers to deliver powerful security solutions and services that meet real-world security challenges.

Brigadoon Software, Inc. is pleased to invite you to participate in an exciting joint venture with our company.

Our flagship product, PC PhoneHome", is a stealth software program that tracks the location of a missing laptop or desktop computer anywhere in the world. PC PhoneHome® has become the acknowledged leader among Windows® & Macintosh® users worldwide.


  Web Partners

The PC PhoneHome" Web Partner Program offers owners or managers of Web sites the opportunity to add a link to the PC PhoneHome" e-store and earn a commission for each sale of PC PhoneHome" Pro that comes from your site.

There is no financial investment necessary on your part. There is no minimum purchase or inventory to stock. All you need to do is display a banner for "PC PhoneHome" Software" on your Web site, and you can become one of our Web Partners.

You will receive $9.95 USD commission on each sale that is a result of someone purchasing PC PhoneHome" Pro after clicking on the banner on your Web site!

In its simplest form, the PC PhoneHome" Web Partner Program is a referral-based marketing strategy that has its roots in the age old concept of word-of-mouth advertising.

  How Does the PC PhoneHome" Web Partnership Work?

Whenever anyone at your Web site clicks on a PC PhoneHome" banner, a cookie containing your unique affiliate ID number, associates the user with your Web Partner ID for the next 90 days. If this visitor purchases a copy of PC PhoneHome" Pro software at any time within this 90 day period, we will pay you a $9.95 USD commission for each sale.

All you need to do to is post a PC PhoneHome" banner and promote PC PhoneHome" on your site with a link to our e-store and receive a substantial commission check every month. It is that easy!

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