New York, New York, November 29, 2001: Brigadoon Software, Inc., a computer software development company that specializes in groundbreaking computer software products, will release PC PhoneHome Pro", the tamper-resistant professional version of its freeware program on Tuesday, December 4, 2001 in conjunction with the Infosecurity Conference and Exhibition at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City. PC PhoneHome Pro" is a revolutionary software program that tracks the location of a computer via the Internet by stealth anywhere in the world. It was created to facilitate the retrieval of lost and stolen computers because of the meteoric rise in computer theft.

Computer Theft a Major Problem

"According to the Computer Security Institute and the FBI over 756,000 computers have been stolen in the USA in the last two years," states Martin Moran, Brigadoon Software's Vice President. "The FBI reports only 3% of those lost or stolen computers will EVER be recovered. You don't have to be a victim. PC PhoneHome" can track and locate any computer with a Windows or Mac operating system anywhere in the world. And now with PC PhoneHome Pro", you can still be protected even if the bad guys try to wipe the harddrive."

How PC PhoneHome TM works:

"PC PHONEHOME " is incredibly easy to use," continued Moran. "The customer installs PC PHONEHOME " on their computer. Then, if your computer is lost or stolen, PC PhoneHome" sends a stealth signal containing its exact coordinates to a pre-determined e-mail address set by the customer. The customer then notifies local Police of computer's location. The local police can then recover customer's stolen property."

PC PhoneHome ProTM Highly Resistant to Removal by Reformatting The Computers' Harddrive:

With the computer properly configured, PC PhoneHome Pro" is capable of surviving a thief's attempt to "clean" the computer harddrive and wipe safety or security software by reformatting the harddrive using the "format" or "fdisk" commands. PC PhoneHome" will stay resident and continue to "PhoneHome" the next time the computer makes an Internet connection.

"For example, PC PhoneHome" makes it possible for a businessman who has his computer stolen in an airport in Paris, London, Buenos Aries, Johannesburg, Moscow or even Bejing to recover it even if he lives in New York," said Moran. "International boundaries or clever thieves that wipe the harddrives of stolen computers are not even a speed-bump for PC PhoneHome" Pro."

Freeware Version of PC PhoneHomeTM Available Online for Testing:

Brigadoon Software offers a freeware version of the software, PC PhoneHome Lite", as a public service and for demonstration purpose. PC PhoneHome Lite" is available for download at PC PhoneHome Lite", unlike the professional version, will not withstand reformatting of the harddrive.

PC PhoneHome Pro " is the professional grade version and will be available at the suggested retail price of $29.95 USD. PC PhoneHome Pro" is highly resistant to erasure by reformatting of the computer's harddrive.


Brigadoon Software is the leading provider of computer tracking & recovery software for both Windows® and Macintosh® users throughout the world.

Presenting "PC PhoneHome Pro"," a theft protection, tracking and recovery software for Laptops, PCs, and Macs. PC PhoneHome" was developed to combat the rampant computer theft occurring throughout the world.It is a stealth software program that tracks the location of a computer anywhere in the world. It is completely transparent to the user.

We previously released PC PhoneHome Lite" as FREEWARE, as a public service to provide the public at large, educational institutions, and industry with a powerful security tool to protect their valuable hardware and invaluable intellectual property. PC PhoneHome Pro" is a paid version of the software that cannot be removed by unauthorized parties, even trying to wipe the hard drive using format or fdisk commands.

Download your free copy of PC PhoneHome Lite"

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