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Brigadoon Software – Is your theft recovery software breaking the law?

When Brigadoon Software launched PC PhoneHome 13 years ago there were only two companies doing theft tracking and recovery. “We were the first to use the Internet to track your computer – in 1999 we advertised the first Internet-based tracking software to ascertain the location using the originating IP addresses ,” said Tim Albright, VP Brigadoon Software. “They were still using a dial-up number. In the ensuing time many new tracking products have been marketed. Which concerns the Brigadoon staff, who are ex law enforcement, predominately retired NYPD investigators. “All of these are in violation of eavesdropping or wiretapping laws,” Albright said. “It’s illegal to own, possess, or use any device designed for the surreptitious tracking of electronic communications. When you take screen shots of what the person is doing… you’re eavesdropping. When sending copies of what they’re typing that’s illegal copying of electronic communication.” Read the whole story here:

Comment: This is a VERY important story for anyone considering using tracking software to protect your computer from theft. Make SURE the software product does NOT contain spyware that could put you and your organization in legal jeopardy. Both PC PhoneHome and MacPhoneHome contain NO SPYWARE… We also protect your ipad, iphone, ipod touch and Android based tablets and phones from theft!

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