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Brigadoon Software, Inc. is a privately-held New York Corporation.

Because Brigadoon Software, Inc. is privately-held, our stock is not publicly traded and there is no market price for it. From time to time, shares of Brigadoon Software, Inc. stock do change hands between private investors, but Brigadoon Software, Inc. does not provide a list of buyers or sellers. In these private stock transactions, Brigadoon Software, Inc. will not act as the transfer agent and provide the necessary documentation.

Brigadoon Software, Inc. plans to go public and tender an initial public offering (IPO), but a date has not been set. When we file a registration statement for a public offering of our securities in the future, we will make a public announcement as permitted by the rules of the Security and Exchange Commission. You may also be interested in periodically visiting web sites that track pre and post-IPO filings. We also invite you to register on our website to receive email updates of upcoming events and the latest news about Brigadoon Software, Inc.

If you would like to view our private placement memorandum, kindly complete the following form in its entirety.

Indication of Interest Form

Please fill out the following form to be added to the list of persons and entities that are interested in investing. Upon completion, you will be sent our Private Placement Memorandum. Preference will be given based on the time and date by which we receive this Indication of Interest Form.

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