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Computer Theft in the News

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PC PhoneHome aids police in arrest for theft of computers; stops U of Tampa crime spree.

Laptop Thieves Reportedly Hit Area Businesses

Australia - Canberra laptop theft a security concern

South Africa - Syndicate steals computers from top SA companies

Prostitutes Steal Laptop with Secret Software from US Army

Hundreds of US Navy PCs Missing

IRS Laptops, Taxpayer Data Goes Missing

Laptops' Removal No Mistake, Officials say

Senator Decries Rising Tide of Lost Laptops

South Africa - Six Politicians' Laptops Stolen

Missing US Laptops Contain War Secrets

UK - 2,900 Laptops Lost in London Taxis

Fliers Lose Laptops at Airport Checkpoints

"Highly classified" US State Dept computer missing

Theft of Qualcomm chairman's laptop provides security lessons for users

Stolen Qualcomm Laptop Contains Sensitive Data

Laptop losses spark fears about sensitive information

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