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What is PC PhoneHome" software?

PC PhoneHome" is a stealth software program that tracks the location of a computer anywhere in the world. It was created to facilitate the retrieval of lost and stolen computers.

On what operating systems does PC PhoneHome" work?

PC PhoneHome" will work on all computers using Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP and MAC® OS 8.6 - OS X

Will PC PhoneHome" protect only laptops?

No. PC PhoneHome" will protect both laptop and desktop computers, at home or in the office&anywhere.

Are there different versions of PC PhoneHome"?

Yes. We currently offer PC PhoneHome" Lite, PC PhoneHome" Pro and PC PhoneHome" Enterprise.

What is the difference between PC PhoneHome" Lite, PC PhoneHome" Pro and PC PhoneHome" Enterprise?

PC PhoneHome" Lite is a FREEWARE version that we distribute as a public service to provide the public at large with a powerful security tool to protect their valuable hardware and intellectual property.

PC PhoneHome" Lite sends a periodic stealth signal to the registrant's command center with the exact coordinates of the registrant's computer. In the event the computer is lost or stolen, its whereabouts can easily be pinpointed. PC PhoneHome" Lite WILL NOT withstand a format, low-level format or fdisk procedure.

PC PhoneHome" Pro is the PAID version of the program that operates by stealth at a very low level and sends periodic signals to the registrants command center with the exact coordinates of the registrant's computer in the event the computer is lost or stolen. PC PhoneHome" Pro CANNOT BE REMOVED from the protected hard drive with a format, low-level format and fdisk procedure.

PC PhoneHome" Enterprise is similar to PC PhoneHome" Pro in that it operates by stealth at a very low level and CANNOT BE REMOVED from the protected hard drive with a format, low-level format and fdisk procedure. However, PC PhoneHome" Enterprise sends periodic signals to a CENTRALIZED command center of the licensee's choosing with the exact coordinates of the registrant's computer. This allows the Enterprise user to CENTRALLY administer the RECOVERY lost or stolen computers, and TRACKING of all computer assets.

Can PC PhoneHome" be detected?

PC PhoneHome" runs at a very low level and is invisible to the computer user. It will not be detected by looking in the task manager or the disk directory.

Can PC PhoneHome" be uninstalled by an unauthorized party?

PC PhoneHome" Pro is a low-level application that is highly tamper-resistant. PC PhoneHome" Pro cannot be erased off the hard drive by deleting files because it is not visible in file directories. When PC PhoneHome" Pro is installed it is not possible to remove it with a hard drive format or fdisk command. A special uninstall program is available to registered users.

What if a thief removes the computer's hard drive?

PC PhoneHome" hides at a very low level in a computer's hard drive. If a thief removes the hard drive and installs it in another computer, PC PhoneHome" will silently contact the registrant's command center with its exact coordinates.

For what is the registration Information used?

The registration Information is used to assist law enforcement or security personnel in the recovery of the missing computer. All fields MUST BE entered correctly; otherwise, there will be problems in obtaining a proper search warrant to retrieve the missing computer. Incorrect, inaccurate, or less than truthful information entered into the registration form will only hinder the law enforcement agency in the recovery of your missing computer.

What should I do when I've finished installing the software?

If you have installed the program on your hard drive, delete the install program after installation has been completed. Log onto the Internet and check your mail to confirm that the tracking software is working property.

How much does PC PhoneHome" cost?

The price for one license of PC PhoneHome" Pro is only $29.95 USD for the life of your computer. Pricing for the PC PhoneHome" Enterprise is based upon the total number of computers covered under the Enterprise license.

Are there any additional or annual charges beside the cost of the software?

No. There are no yearly add-on costs. No hidden fees. No additional charges.

If I first install PC PhoneHome" Lite on my computer, is it possible to upgrade to PC PhoneHome" Pro?

You may upgrade from PC PhoneHome" Lite to PC PhoneHome" Pro or PC PhoneHome" Enterprise at anytime!

Where can I find PC PhoneHome" Lite?

You can download PC PhoneHome" Lite for FREE from pcphonehome.com or www.brigadoonsoftware.com.

You don't have to be a victim! PC PhoneHome" Pro anti-theft software tracks and locates missing computer worldwide and provides professional grade security that cannot be removed by unauthorized parties using format and fdisk procedures. Don't delay! Order PC PhoneHome" Pro Now or Call us at: 1-845-624-0909

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