Enterprise Version

Our Enterprise version of PC PhoneHome™
and MacPhoneHome™ is the only stand-alone computer tracking and theft recovery software in the world capable of large-scale network deployment to a large number of computers using different operating systems simultaneously.

Imagine if you had to install and configure a software package on hundreds or thousands of computers. We have taken the hassle out of protecting your computers with Enterprise!

Enterprise allows your organization to deploy either PC PhoneHome™ or MacPhoneHome™ Enterprise via Ghosting or various Network Push techniques.

Unlike our single license version, which needs to be individually configured, our Enterprise version is custom built for your organization here in our lab. We hard code your organization´s ownership and reach information right into the source code. You simply deploy your customized Enterprise version of PC PhoneHome™or MacPhoneHome™ to your organization´s machines. No hassle. No long term deployment time frame.

Whether you're trying to protect twenty computers or twenty thousand, we have the right Enterprise license plan for you. Our blanket Enterprise license for large multi-office/multi-national corporations covers ALL corporate computers worldwide including all laptops in the field and can cost less than $1.00 USD per computer per year. us for a price quote today

Used by academic institutions, corporations and government agencies worldwide.

PC PhoneHome ™ and MacPhoneHome™ are MADE IN THE USA by American programmers!