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PC PhoneHome" and MacPhoneHome" secretly send an invisible email message to an email address of your choice containing the physical location of your computer every time you get an Internet connection.
When the stolen computer goes online, it will send a stealth message to the pre-determined e-mail address containing its exact location. Once this information is received, we provide full technical and recovery support.
Our recovery agents work with you, global ISPs and the investigating law enforcement agency to recover your stolen property.
PC PhoneHome™ and MacPhoneHome™ are priced at only $29.95 USD. for the life of your computer! There are no yearly monitoring fees, no additional charges and no hidden costs.
PC PhoneHome™ and MacPhoneHome™ are the best selling stand-alone Computer Tracking and Recovery software products on the market. Our award winning software products are internationally recognized as "Best of Brand."
Special low-cost Enterprise versions are available for large- scale deployment for K-12s, Colleges & Universities, Corporations and Government agencies.
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