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Protect your computer files from being copied by unauthorized parties with CopyAlert™

Is someone copying your computer’s files? Do you have trade secrets to protect?

Our patent pending security solution protects your valuable proprietary data from unauthorized copying and alerts you to attempts to steal your data.

Brigadoon Software, the maker of PC PhoneHome and MacPhoneHome is pleased to announce the release of CopyAlert™. CopyAlert is a security application that disables the capability of an unauthorized party to copy your proprietary data to external media sources such as USB Devices, CDs, DVDs, iPods, External Hard Drives, etc.

CopyAlert™ will disable all USB devices plugged into the host computer unless white-listed by the authorized user. CopyAlert will alert the user to FAILED attempts to copy and transfer your proprietary files to an external media source…

CopyAlert™ will also alert the user via email with a list of the files that were attempted to be copied by the intruder.

Our award winning PC PhoneHome™ and MacPhoneHome™ Theft Protection and Recovery Software is the NUMBER ONE stand-alone computer tracking and recovery software in the world to both the Windows and Mac communities! We are currently protecting over 2,000,000 computers worldwide.

CopyAlert’s low retail price is $29.95 USD!

CopyAlert – Edward Snowden took NSA secrets on thumb drive

WASHINGTON — Former National Security Agency contract employee Edward Snowden used a computer thumb drive to smuggle highly classified documents out of an NSA facility in Hawaii, using a portable digital device supposedly barred inside the cyber spying agency, U.S. officials said. Read the whole story here:,0,791040.story

Comment:  If the NSA had protected it’s computers with CopyAlert , Edward Snowden would NOT have been able to steal secrets documents from the NSA using a Thumbdrive!  CopyAlert sends REAL TIME alerts of intrusion and notification of attempted unauthorized copying of files by an instruder. It even tells you what files they attempted to steal… I can’t imagine why anyone with proprietary information to protect would not take advantage of such an inexpensive cutting edge security tool to protect their sensitive data…

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