Brigadoon is a closely held American owned company with corporate offices in New York City. Brigadoon is focused on developing software solutions that provide protection for computers from theft. Brigadoon's primary focus is to deliver to the market the most comprehensive and proactive protection available. Distributed globally through resellers and through the internet, our flagship products, PC PhoneHome and MacPhoneHome support the Windows and Mac communities and are internationally recognized as "Best of Brand".

Brigadoon has experienced incredible growth since its inception. It is continually expanding to address the needs of the global market.

Our Company's Vision - With the transition of personal computing and the internet into the mainstream society, becoming an essential part of basic infrastructure for communication, commerce and essential data storage, the importance of providing security and protection to these activities has taken on a critical role in the functioning and maintenance of everyday life.

Brigadoon's primary focus and objective as a company is to provide individual consumers, small to medium-sized businesses, and large corporations globally with industry leading software solutions to protect their hardware, information and communications through the production and distribution of the best possible computer security software, products and services.

Using cutting edge digital tools and an independent creative process, Brigadoon is dedicated to producing security paradigns and welcomes dialogue with other dedicated industry personnel interested in forming strategic alliances.








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